Book Binding

Our fully equipped in-house bindery facility is capable of producing a wide range of books; saddle stitched, perfect bound (paperback including Otabind) and case bound (hard back books).

We utilise a full casing-in line to produce our hard back books here in Cork.

Our range of book binding is as follows:

Saddle stitching and square back binding

Saddle stitch binding is the process where sheets are folded and nested then wire is driven through the centre to form a stitch or staple, binding the loose sheets together into a book.

With our saddle stitch binding machine (we installed the first of its kind in Ireland) we can produce square back books, allowing them to lie flat when open and stack neatly when closed.

This machine also allows us to insert up to 6 stitches (a standard machine generally only allows two) into a saddle stitched book up to 10mm thick, which equates to approximately 200 pages on 80gm paper, giving you books that are usable, secure and durable. This process is ideal for books that will see regular use such as instruction manuals or journals, but has a wide range of applications.

Our primary school journals have three staples/stitches instead of two for extra durability.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is the process traditionally used in paperback book production whereby the individual sheets of a book are collated and assembled into a book block, rough cut or milled on the spine edge and then glued into a heavier card cover. The glued books are then guillotine trimmed on the remaining three sides to give the final book size.

This process allows us to insert full colour sheets/pages at any point within a book.

Uniquely, we offer a cold glue binding method which gives a much greater pull strength than traditional hot glue. Cold glue is also more flexible and therefore allows the book to open completely flat to the spine.

Hard Cover Case Binding

As the title implies, we case a perfect bound book block into a hard cover. This cover can be full colour printed and matt or gloss laminated, or leatherette with gold or silver foil de-bossed titles or crests, and wrapped in a printed dust jacket for that “coffee table” book effect.

Please contact us to discuss the options or to see samples and cover material swatches.


With this “layflat” binding method a separate additional gauzing strip is applied to the book block using a cold PVA glue. The cover is then glued to the book block with a fast-drying hot glue. The cover is scored or creased 6 times to form hinges. As a result you have a very flexible spine and a secure book that open with ease and can lay flat with very little resistance.


If you are a self-publishing author (paper or hard back), and would like to gain detailed self-publishing information (via our sister site) please visit our sister site 

Our new and improved dedicated website, gives you details on our ever growing services, examples of our work and most importantly, information on how much it costs. Our prices are open and transparent so that you will know how much it will cost to publish your book.

In just a matter of weeks, we can turn your manuscript into a finished book, joining hundreds of our happy customers on the bookshelves of Ireland and across the world.