School Websites

Roadmap to your new website


During the initial design briefing we’ll discuss the look and feel of your new website and the best way to get across the unique and special nature of your school. We’ll also discuss your website likes and dislikes, colour, font and layout preferences, with special reference to other sites that you like.


With a few resources such as your logo, some photos and school information such as policies, etc., we can get to work on the design for your new website. We can produce mock-up of your new website, working with your feedback until you’re 100% happy with it.


Once you’re happy with the design we’ll create a fully-functional website independently of your existing website. We will also create any required custom features such as booklists, policies, documents, calendars etc. to make updating the site easier. When this is approved and finalised, we’ll point your domain to the new site – this process is seamless and usually takes an hour or so to complete so there will be no disruption for your website visitors.


We’ll guide you through the process of keeping your new website up to date, with detailed training on each element and how to use it if and when required. With our unlimited phone and email support you’ll never be on your own if you need help.

Hosting & Maintenance


The web space we offer is not shared with other websites or companies. Basic hosting packages generally use server space and resources that are shared with hundreds of other customers and the websites within can therefore be at risk of infection, slowing down, or having the IP address blacklisted.

Setup and Maintenance

We manage the WordPress installation, security, updates, and regular backups to a separate Amazon S3 server. We also manage the installation and updates for any themes and plugins that are in use. (The most common vulnerability for a website is through outdated software or plugins).


Website uptime is monitored and logged – Every 10 minutes we run checks for errors or connection issues and respond immediately.


Our WordPress installations have been set up with some modifications to increase security and help prevent attack or infection. We also run regular scans to detect any unusual activity and prevent intrusions. We also use SSL encryption (https) as standard to secure information that is transferred between your browser and our servers.


This service is scalable and will automatically respond to unusual or seasonal traffic spikes by assigning more resources to your site to meet the demands. Your website, files, and photos are optimised and cached for super-fast loading.

Some Current School Websites and Apps