Teacher Handbook

The Handbook is a resource for schools produced with the educator in mind. We provide a template of issues approved and vetted by relevant professionals in education.

You may customise this handbook to meet your own school needs, tradition and culture by adding school policies and special organisational details and amending our templates. We will continue to review and update this product into the future. We can include your school rules, or parents’ information to the front of the handbook.

Printed and bound in house here in Cork, we control all of the processes from design to despatch.
We can provide soft cover or hard cover, in full colour or black and white, with all of your school’s important information at the front.

Our Handbook Features

  • Facilitates effective record keeping as required by NEWB
  • Protects the Principal and the Board of Management
  • Complies with SDP and DES demands for Whole School Evaluations
  • Section on Health & Welfare meets with all legal requirements
  • Can be customised to suit school needs, culture and tradition
  • Aids administration and school organization
  • Provides a ready resource for school personnel
  • Has been developed with the support of experienced school senior management personnel
  • Will be reviewed and amended as required into the future

We provide you with a 68 page document of carefully prepared information and form templates which you can edit and reuse your school. See below for the table of contents for this document.

  • School Mission

  • Vision Statement

  • Staff Charter

  • Welcome

  • School Organisation

  • School Calendar

  • Teacher Timetable

  • Board of Management

  • Staff List

  • Special Needs Assistants

  • In-School Management

  • Subject Department Coordinators

  • Class Tutors Junior Cycle

  • Class Tutors Senior Cycle

  • General Administration

  • Key Issues for Consistency

  • Discipline

  • Roles of Key Personnel in Code Of Behaviour

  • Responses to Challenging Behaviour Of Students

  • Incident Report

  • Teaching and Learning

  • The Teaching Council Professional Code

  • Effective Practice

  • Classroom Management

  • Tactics for Managing Student Behaviour

  • Subject Planning

  • Planning Meeting Record

  • Subject Inspection Criteria

  • School Self Evaluation

  • Homework Guidelines

  • Superintending House Exams

  • Guidelines for Parent Teacher Meetings

  • Special Needs/Resource

  • Health Safety and Welfare

  • Safety Policy and Statement

  • Data Protection Guidelines

  • Guidelines for School Tours/Field Trips

  • Child Protection Procedures

  • Managing A Critical Incident

  • Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP)

  • Healthy Eating

  • Notes on Conditions Of Employment

  • List of Policies

  • Staff Meeting Notes

  • General Notes

  • Planning Meeting Record