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Think Smart English – David Lordon

A Comprehensive Guide to Leaving Certificate Paper 1

The Leaving Cert English examination is demanding in many ways. Spread across two papers with a combined time allocation of over six hours, it can be a daunting prospect. Not surprisingly, much of a student’s efforts go into Paper Two, where the demands of a range of prescribed texts often monopolise available study time. While time spent on Paper Two is essential, Paper One often ends up suffering, even though it is worth the same number of marks!! A successful result can only be achieved if both papers are given the attention they deserve, and that requires some smart thinking.

Consider how much time is devoted to Studied Poetry, for example. Eight poets, with six poems for each, can certainly fill up one’s time. Yet, Studied Poetry is only worth a total of 50 marks, the same number of marks awarded for one Question 1A Comprehension section or one Question 1B task. The Composing task is worth 25% of your overall English result, yet it often gets very little attention in terms of preparation.

Students face great challenges in how they use their time, and often it seems as though there are not enough hours in the day. This is where this book comes in. Using a range of fresh and engaging examples, you will learn techniques and strategies to respond to texts, as well as learning how to write in a wide variety of styles for a range of purposes, step by step.

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About the Author

David Lordon is a teacher of English and subject coordinator in Christian Brothers College Cork, and has over twenty years experience in the classroom. He is an advising examiner with the State Examinations Commission and delivers a highly successful annual Leaving Certificate English Paper 1 revision course. He holds a Masters in Education from University College Cork.

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How can Think Smart English guide you through paper 1?

Making space for Paper 1 when Paper 2 demands most of your time2022-11-17T11:09:03+00:00

Solution: Engage in strategic question planning to suit your individual writing strengths –
Think Smart will show you how!

Uncertainty about how to answer specific question types2022-11-17T11:09:47+00:00

Solution: Get step by step ‘How-To’ guides to develop skills and ideas for a range of Comprehending and Composing tasks –
Think Smart will guide you all the way!

Approaching the Composing task, worth 25%, without the necessary skills and ideas2022-11-17T11:10:37+00:00

Solution: Develop a practical ‘Creative Writing Toolkit’ to take the guesswork out of the most popular Composing tasks, including the Short Story and the Personal Essay –
Think Smart will provide you with the equipment!

Understanding the different language types and how to identify their features2022-11-17T11:10:58+00:00

Solution: Learn from fresh and engaging examples of different language types in action with commentaries that help you to identify the specific features of each genre –
Think Smart will help you tell your Argument from your Persuasion!

Understanding what the examiner is looking for2022-11-17T11:11:17+00:00

Solution: Use the Marking Scheme, Chief Examiners Reports and Leaving Cert examiner advice to understand how marks are awarded –
Think Smart will help you to put that advice to work!

Knowing where to unlock the ‘hidden potential’ in your answers2022-11-17T11:11:41+00:00

Solution: Organise your time to ensure that high-mark sections of Paper 1 are not sidelined because of the time it takes to prepare your studied texts.
Think Smart will offer you the inside track!

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