Anyone involved in the areas of scientific research or recording, knows the importance of laboratory notebooks. For meeting research requirements your lab book is the key to displaying precision and accountability. Lettertec have been producing laboratory and log books for over 20 years and during this time, we’ve seen the benefit to companies and academics alike, in making sure that the lab book is the right one. Each company, college or research facility will have different requirements, but there are a few things to always think about.

Lab Book Tips for the Buyer

  • Use a customised lab notebook, tailor made and specific to your needs
  • Go for a hardback, tightly bound book with a durable structure. It needs to last
  • Make sure you have a lab book which opens completely flat; it’s easier to use and you can input data across two pages, without any fuss
  • Get the lab notebook number as well as page number printed on each page
  • Ask your printer or supplier about their records. You need someone who keeps track of every lab book and lab book number they’ve printed for you. This way, you can be sure of sequences and keep your records correct
  • Accurate and permanent records are essential to your research. Your laboratory notebook should fit the bill in terms of quality and durability
  • Make sure you are in control of what you need in terms of notebook size, format, paper type etc. You need to get it right at the beginning

Why Choose Lettertec Laboratory Notebooks?

Over the years, we’ve gained experience working with universities, pharma-companies and research facilities in our development of the highest standards in laboratory notebooks.

There a many good reasons to choose Lettertec for your lab book production, but here are just a few:

  • We have a 100% Vendor Quality Rating from the pharmaceutical industry
  • All our operations are maintained to WCM standards
  • We are EU benchmarked to the best in the field
  • Our active participation in E.I. world class business networks keeps us on top of up to the minute trends. We are specialists
  • Take a look at our customer base and you’ll see Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Allergan, among others and a range of Universities and research facilities
  • We have fast turnaround times
  • We print all laboratory notebooks in our state of the art facility, so we can guarantee quality
  • Large and small quantities available
  • And of course, our customer service speaks for itself with over 20 years of returning clients

Contact Us for:

  • Instrument Log Books
  • Logs of Use Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Calibration Log Books
  • Testing Log Books
  • Procedural Log Books
  • Analysis Results Log Books
  • Research Note Books
  • Engineering Note Books
  • FDA & IMB Regulation Booklets

Whatever your laboratory or log book requirements, we can customise your product for you. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss creating the right notebook for you.


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