If you’ve ever opened a book that is bound using hot glue or PUR, you’ll be aware of how it can resist opening flat so you may have to adjust the way you hold it just to see read words see the images closer to the spine. This isn’t a huge problem and is something readers have grown accustomed to over the years, but it can be annoying and can ruin the effect of large images that read across a spread, and in the case of diaries or journals, make them difficult to write in. Lettertec uses a range of different glues and binding methods to tackle these issues.

The majority of bookbinders use hot glue or PUR which is applied to the spine of the text block and glued directly to the paperback cover or cover liner. It’s very strong, dries quickly, and can be trimmed and finished on the same day and is therefore beneficial for fast turnaround times and lower production costs, but Lettertec also offers a cold glue binding method which benefits the book and its reader, Otabind.



This binding method separates the pages and cover glueing processes, using a strong but flexible cold glue for the pages of the book and fast-drying, hot glue for the cover or endsheets (cover liner). Additional hinges or creases are also created on the cover. This means that your book can open completely flat without compromising the strength of the binding.

Letterec is one of the few companies that can offer the benefits of Otabind. This has proven to be very popular in the education sector, where our school journals stand up to the rigours of daily use in classrooms throughout Ireland.

Lettertec & SelfPublishBooks.ie – A One Stop Shop

If you’re considering having your book printed, be it a sports club directory or a self-published novel, one of the benefits of choosing Lettertec or its sister company Selfpublishbooks.ie is the knowledge that everything can be taken care of in a one-stop shop.

Choosing Lettertec means you get the benefit of:

  • Picking an Irish company where all printing is done in-house in Ireland
  • In house-designers
  • Up to the minute technology
  • Expert binding
  • Genuinely Competitive Pricing
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Print in low or high volumes