Vocabulary Book

An exciting new product for Irish second level schools has been launched by Bernadette Kiely and Isabel Baker in conjunction with Lettertec. This is a package comprising a colourful Vocabulary Booklet and accompanying materials.

The Vocabulary Booklet, designed with junior cycle students in mind, is a twin-fold product as it is aimed at maximising students’ vocabulary and achievement while also acting as a target setting and record keeping resource for the teacher.

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Teacher Support Handbook

A unique aspect of this package is the addition of a Teacher Support Handbook which guides teachers through each section of the Vocabulary Booklet showing examples of the resource used in a variety of subjects and providing supplementary material for extension work and classroom activities.

The Teacher Support Handbook is supplied free of charge to schools who order class sets of the Vocabulary Booklet.

With the introduction of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life 2011 – 2020, schools are required to set literacy targets and monitor progress of their students. At the same time, the introduction of a school self-evaluation process requires that schools engage in robust self-evaluation and develop a 3 year improvement plan which includes literacy and numeracy.

These developments have left many schools looking for appropriate Irish produced materials that can help them meet these requirements.

This Booklet includes

  1. A vocabulary record section which is colour coded and organised by subject/discipline
    This section allows teachers to embed discipline specific vocabulary in a normal integrated manner rather than as a standalone activity. The vocabulary section is designed to aid student recollection and understanding through the use of student created definitions and illustrations visuals
  2. A resource bank of Interesting Words and Phrases where students are encouraged to gather additional terms and expressions gleaned from their class work and reading
    The purpose of this section is to provide a consistent place and routine for students to expand their personal vocabularies
  3. Vocabulary templates
    These graphic organisers are designed to assist students in learning critical vocabulary and concepts through recall, clarification, analysis, evaluation, comprehension, classification and application
  4. A range of checklists for student use in monitoring their progress
    The first two are intended to highlight for students the important aspects of reading and characteristics of textbook layout. Two checklists support examination preparation with a focus on examination keywords. Two checklists on dictionary skills and introductory study skills are also included
  5. A Connectives Chart to encourage students to add variety and clarity to their writing through the use of appropriate connectives and also as an aid to comprehension